Wondering how to celebrate the end of another glorious Beard Season
(formerly known as winter)

Well my furry friend, wonder no more…
Because one of our loyal ambassadors has dreamt up an absolute doozy. It’s called the Run Forrest Run-Athon and it’s a hairy homage to the focus and dedication of all those who have grown with us this wild and wooly winter.

Forrest Gump


A limitless fun run which goes as long as you want it to, wherever you want to.
Inspired by the words of a bearded, inspirational Forrest Gump:

Just Keep Running” 


The last weekend of winter:

29th or 30th of August


This aims to be a ‘COVID SAFE’ event, able to be run individually or in small (socially distanced) groups. Around your streets, in the bush, along the beach or wherever you might already love running.

If you want to go the extra mile and get people talking, you could dress like Forrest Gump and let your local media outlets / news feeds know about it!

You can easily find his hat and running gear for sale on EBAY or other retailers.
We found a few options HERE, HERE and HERE. Of course you may already have a beard so you could just grab the HAT and a YELLOW SHIRT / RED SHORT combo and you’ll be all set.  

Just make sure it all arrives on time!

Forrest Gump Costume

Each runner is encouraged to organise their own course, supporters and end party (if your local health regulations allow). Where you can celebrate your efforts over the last few months, raise some extra funds and (if you like) shave off your magnificent winter neck mane. In previous years, our ambassadors have celebrated with an event at their lawn bowling club, pub or just had a BBQ with their nearest and dearest.


To get on board, simply set up your profile (if you haven’t already) via the button above then share it to social media asking your friends and family to sponsor you for every KM / Mile you complete. Every dollar helps us champion the early detection of melanoma, Australia’s ‘national cancer’. Not only by raising awareness, but by providing free, educational skin checks via our pop-up clinics. Targeted to those who need it most.


Bondi Map


The OG’s

Up and down the Bondi Promenade

Saturday (whenever you like till whenever you’re done)
Finishing with a few frosties at The Royal
Shave off’s from 5PM (ish)

PLEASE NOTE: Beard Season encourages all participants to look after each other and the health of their own communities. This is by no means a formally organised activity and we assume no responsibility for anyone participating. It’s run / shave / have fun at your own risk. Make sure you enjoy yourselves, make other people’s days better and please let us know how you go via the following hashtags: #RunForrestRunathon #BeardSeasonAmbassadors #BeardSeason2020. Much love!!