The Beard Season X Reschs Stubby Holder


Beard Season’s unofficial collaboration with the famous Aussie ‘real drink’ Reschs.
One of the finest stubby holders you’ll ever own.

98 in stock (can be backordered)

A lot of what Beard Season is – started with a group of mates having a few beers.
And this is one such idea… a solution really.

A solution that aims to solve the problem of what happens to your stubby when you slip it into your ‘holder’, and also what happens when mates start talking about something that could save their life…

So, as you may well know. Stubby holders keep your beer nice and cold. Or in winter, your hands nice and warm. But, when they’re hard at work, they also hide what beer you happen to be drinking. And for us, who love one beer in particular, this was a heinous crime. So we improvised. Adding a Beard Season twist to the classic Aussie RESCHS.

In this very unofficial collaboration, we changed every single detail of the Reschs label except for its core design.
Even the barcode reads 0106-3108 (the 1st of June until the end of August).
Which is winter. AKA Beard Season.

It’s an absolute compliment magnet. Triggering precious conversations about Beard Season and our mission to champion early detection. Conversations which could literally save lives. And that’s something a superbly bearded Edmund Reschs (the great grandfather of one of our ambassadors who first brewed this beer) would have definitely approved of.


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