Our #Project60 Playing Cards

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Some of the world’s best beards, on the worlds finest playing cards.

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Brainchild of award winning photographer Mr Elbank, these cards are widely known as the #Project60 portrait series.

Lovingly reproduced on linen finished, highly durable, scratch resistant, casino quality playing cards, this work features some of the most inspirational beards in the world.

Selected from thousands of applicants each member of the #Project60 fraternity were chosen for their unique character, story and enthusiasm as Beard Season Ambassadors.

Almost all of these images were captured at Elbank Village Studio in the leafy town of Fenny Compton, Warwickshire England. The project took over 18 months to complete, with each participant donating their precious time and resources to make the dream come true.

All up, there were 100,000+ miles travelled, 300+ trips to Banbury Station, 200+ meals lovingly served, 500+ sleepless nights endured, 100,000+ pounds worth of favours/ discounts/ time/ help/ sponsorship/ donations to make #BEARDexhibition by Mr Elbank the perfect global launch platform, giving our message and the team millions of likes, shares and views in social and mainstream media.

We are eternally grateful to everyone who has been part of the #Project60 journey. We hope these cards can be a gift to those who have ever grown or admired a fine field of facial follicles, honour Mr Elbank’s skill and dedication, while being a monument to those in the series who are sure to inspire many more #BeardSeasonAmbassadors to help us spread the word.

To thank you, the deck contains a #LuckyCard.
You must read it, do as it says and then pass it on.
It could just save your life.

Grow On…

Somerset House
Captain Fawcett
Fergus Partridge
Cate McKay Haynes
Sarah Roberts
Monty Dalglish and the entire Elbank family for your superhuman support, fortitude and brilliance.

PLUS, of course the #Project60 fraternity.
Thank you.

Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery.
Images and concept copyright of Mr Elbank.


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