Sponsor something that literally saves lives. Our specialist, pop-up skin check sessions can set up anywhere and are relaxed, friendly and professional.


In partnership with some of the finest skin specialists and screening technology in the world, Beard Season are honoured to run free, educational skin checks all around the country. Providing quality screening services to those most at risk from melanoma – Australia’s national cancer.

We’ve been facilitating these pop-up clinics for the past six years and they have been superbly successful. So much so, that 10-15% of people we check end up finding a suspect lesion. Something they may have never known they had if it hadn’t have been for such an accessible, friendly, professional service.

$10,000 will help us check at least 100 people.
At your workplace, event or in the community.
Including a presentation from one of our ambassadors!

By sponsoring this event your name/logo can have pride of place on our pop-up clinic. You can invite your team, promote the initiative as much as you like and really get involved. Or, sit back and enjoy the fact that you may have just saved lives from an insidious cancer and are supporting the world’s first, national skin check program.

Each session is unique to the event/site which we’ll be working with, and we’re more than happy to team up with your people to make sure we have the ultimate impact. We have a 6x3m Marquee, A 6x3m Bedouin Tent, Two Beach Huts – or, can set up in a meeting room / office space. Wherever we set up our team of CHECK MATES will do their best to make it relaxed, friendly and memorable – for all the right reasons.

We’re independently insured and have our own bespoke scheduling tool which will work into your existing calendars so your team can make sure they get seen to. We also ensure everyone is duly followed up and referrals are made if anything is detected.

If you need any further information please email gday@beardseason.com

We look forward to saving lives together…


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