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The key focus of our charity is Early Detection. 

Melanoma is one of the world's deadliest cancers,
but if found early it can be one of the most successful to treat.

Back when Wes died, no one was out there encouraging people to get a skin check, which is why everything we do is geared towards encouraging people to visit their GP or dermatologist for a #BeardSeasonSkincheck and know what to look for. 

The only way of measuring this (so far) is because people like you write in with success stories, or as we like to call them, #BeardSeasonVictories. And right now, we receive an average of one a week. People from all over the world who might not be here if it wasn't for Beard Season. A magnificent statistic which we'd really love to build on. 

So if you've got your own story of finding a suss looking spot, send it through to us and share it on your social media channels with the hashtag - #BeardSeasonVictories. Stories like this give us goosebumps. Making everything we do worthwhile. PLUS... they can help save even more lives.