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Long have people of ginger disposition battled not only the societal elements of jealousy and misunderstanding, but the harsh and brutal UV rays of the sun. Today, in this wickedly severe climate, #BeardSeason is proud to announce the release of #REDBEERD with our mates @OtherSide_Co. A beer that will literally save lives.

In honour of those with Red hair who battle the elements day after day, this beer pays tribute to commitment. Not only to those who are growing #beards for winter but everyone who gets a #BeardSeasonSkincheck because of us. People like you show the same dedication as a giner bearded warrior. Growing with pride and perseverance. Against the odds in so many ways. Doing whatever it takes to pursue their dreams. It’s a story we relate to in so many ways and it’s something we reckon is well worth drinking to. With proceeds from every can going towards our free national skincheck program we believe #RedBeerd is a damn good drop for a really great cause. So please show your support and be one of the lucky few to pick up a case.

There’s only 200 cases being made this winter so get around it.
Visit https://www.othersidebrewing.com.au/shop/red-beerd to order.

Your thirst will be well rewarded.