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Bring your crew...

One of the greatest parties of VIVID Festival

Ride Sunday - Join the Beard Season Bushrangers

Do a skid - save some lives

Journal Mag - The meaning behind the beard trend

 We caught up with one of the finest names in the hair game for a great chat about Beard Season, Branson, boating and our amazing Million Dollar Beard Oil from the lords of grooming Captain Fawcett. 

Huddle - Insurance isn't boring anymore

A rebel of the insurance industry, Huddle are shaking up the way people insure stuff. So instead of giving away profits to share holders - it gives them to charities, like BEARD SEASON!!

Margaret River Mail - The Million Dollar Beard visits for Emergence

A superb interview by Jemillah which took place during our drive down from Perth for one of Australia's finest creative conferences, the Emergence festival.

ABC - Macca on a Sunday Morning chats Beard Season

An iconic radio personality, regularly enjoyed by the likes of Dick Smith, randomly ran into Beard Season founder Jimmy Niggles at the traffic lights. A few hours later they were chatting in Bronte Park. A great interview we are humbled to share with you now. 

AFR - Stunning results for sun soaked sailors

A snapshot our our time at the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week with the wonderful team from the Queensland Institute of Dermatology.  

GQ - The Van Heusen Mentors

It was a real honour to share the stage with the likes of World Champion surfer Mick Fanning and Bionic Fusion surgeon Dr Munjed Al Muderis. Some seriously inspiring mentors really helped step things up for Beard Season resulting in a lot of new ambassadors and setting amazing new standards for the future.

Sir Richard Branson becomes a Beard Season Ambassador!

Very powerful words from the desk of one of the most powerful beards in the world... 

SBS - The Dark Side of the Sun

Three decades after we were first told to slip, slop slap, skin cancer remains one of Australia’s greatest health challenges.

Meeting Sir Richard Branson

The Beard Season elevator pitch, just outside an elevator... 

The Today Show - Kicking off winter in style

Karl Stefanovic absolutely loses it over Lisa Wilkinson’s beard “in her genes”

New China TV - Making international headlines from London

A great piece on Mr Elbank's BEARD exhibition from the hallowed halls of Somerset House. 

Channel 4 - Reporting from Mr Elbank's BEARD exhibition in London

One of the many great TV features we managed to muster for the amazing show we put on with the very talented team from Somerset House. 

JUNKEE - People worth watching by Heineken

Part of a series of interviews with Brendan McLean about people who go beyond their borders, challenge the status quo to say ‘why not?’ instead of ‘it can’t be done’ — and as a result have made the world a more interesting place for the rest of us.

Mashable - Beard Baubles are the most hipster gift this holiday season

The story of how a little idea went shiny, baubuly BIG. 

Sunrise on 7 - Launching our website on prime time TV

The lovely Edwina Batholemew with our first ever TV appearance. 

NEWS.COM.AU - Why Jimmy Niggles is growing the best beard in Australia

A surfing, outdoors-loving advertising copywriter from Bondi has grown one of the most impressively rugged beards in Australia: for his dead mate.