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Welcome to the fraternity
of #BeardSeasonAmabssadors.

You're about to join thousands of other legends 
who are growing their beards for winter on a noble mission
to help us save lives from melanoma -
one of the world's deadliest cancers. 

By creating your profile page and raising funds for Beard Season,
you'll be helping us run free pop-up skin check clinics
at places where they're needed most.

Bringing specialists to those most at risk.
Making early detection enjoyable, easy and memorable.
So it becomes a regular, positive part of people's lives.
Which is what it desperately needs to be. 

If you raise enough money, we may even visit
your workplace or community group with a dermatologist.
Having a huge impact on those you care about.
Combining Beard Season into an upcoming event perhaps.
Creating an on-going partnership. 

All donations are tax deductable
so it's a great way for buinsses to get on board.

We're more than happy to give talks
and collaborate with you and your team.


The more you help us grow
the more powerful our beards can be.

Let's do this... 

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