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It's time to Beard with Purpose...

This isn't just a fashion trend, a way to save on razors or keep warm for winter. It's a fine field of facial follocles grown with pride and passion as a walking, talking billboard. Used to start conversations each and every day. Conversations which could save your friends, family and anyone you bump into because of your beard from a horrible, tragic death. 

You see, melanoma is one of the world's deadliest cancers. Killing 5 people a day in Australia with more than 14,300 cases diagnosed every year. However, it's also one of the most treatable cancers - if it's detected early.

The problem is, those most at risk (men aged 18-45) are the hardest to convince to visit a GP or skin specialist... until we created Beard Season. By joining the crew and becoming one of our #BeardSeasonAmbassadors you can really make this winter count. Not only by growing an epic beard (or supporting someone who is) but by making sure you and everyone you know and love gets a #BeardSeasonSkincheck. You'll be surprised how many lives you'll save. Or as we call them, #BeardSeasonVictories.

Our goal this year is to raise a million dollars to start a free national skin check program - bringing skin specialists where they're needed most. So while you grow, raise some dough. It'll be used with responsible efficiency for maximum impact. Beard Season is what you make of it. So let's channel the spirit of vikings, lumberjacks and King Titan deep within our chin roots and together, we can outgrow melanoma.

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0De La Salle FC4012
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20 teams actively participating.
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0Paul Satts1390
222 individuals actively participating.

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