Mr Elbank x Beard Season

This is an exhibition which celebrates what it means to grow and wear a field of facial follicles.

The people in this show have flown from all around the world to be part of this historic collection. Each of them are inspiring characters with intrepid stories of retiring their razors and staying their course to achieving bearded brilliance.

Mr Elbank’s signature imagery might be familiar to those of you on social media, with many of his portraits being appropriated for meme’s, artworks, tattoos, murals and blog posts. One such portrait was of Australian charity campaigner Jimmy Niggles, who has collaborated with Mr Elbank to bring this work to such a grand stage.

The idea was conceived as a way of promoting Beard Season – a global movement turning beards into life saving conversation starters – challenging you, your friends and family to book a skincheck for melanoma, one of the world’s deadliest cancers.

If these portraits can inspire you to action, not only will they be responsible for saving a lot of lives, they will become icons for the next generation of Beard Season Ambassadors to carry on the cause in an equally noble fashion. See the exhibition.

Mr Elbank is an award-winning photographer based in Warwickshire, England.

Commissioned by Isabella Blow for The Sunday Times Style, he began his career shooting women’s fashion. Since then he has worked all around the world, developing a bold, distinctive approach for an impressive list of clients and publications.

For close to a decade Mr Elbank lived in Sydney where his work became more art based, moving away from professional models and exploring everyday characters and objects. He began celebrating the idiosyncratic beauty of perceived imperfect features.

It was here Mr Elbank began focusing on people with beards, photographing them before they became such an enduring trend. In many ways he has contributed to their rise in popularity.

Since meeting Jimmy Niggles, who started growing his beard after losing a friend to melanoma at the age of 26, Mr Elbank has been on a mission to help the Beard Season cause. Seeking out, befriending and hosting some of the greatest beards in the world to put on this truly monumental show.

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