why this

Well… Melanoma is one of the deadliest cancers in the world, killing over 46,000 people a year.  One of these people was our friend Wes Bonny, who lost his life to melanoma at the age of 26. At his wake a group of us decided to start something to encourage people to have more regular skinchecks - a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to early detection.


What we started became Beard Season - a non profit charity responsible for a global movement made up of tens of thousands of ambassadors who are helping our message grow stronger with every conversation their beards are helping to sprout. By joining us on this quest your facial fuzz could become the most glorious golden fleece in the universe (especially for those who book a skincheck because of it).

So dear friend, it is time to retire your razor and tuck away your trimmer. By summoning  the spirits of vikings, lumberjacks and sea captains deep within our chin roots, we can all grow together to make Beard Season be everything it can lusciously be. It would be an honour to have you on board.

Oh and ladies...
You’re super
important to
 Beard Season too.

If you have a man-friend please encourage their Beard Season exploits. It may be a little prickly at first but it will soon smooth out into a nice heavenly thicket (or so I’m told). The more confident your man is with his beard growing skills the more prouldy he will wear it.

If you’re single, encourage gentlemen sporting beards you may spot at the bar with a wink and a chilled scotch. Then harass him until he has a photo with you – which you will eagerly share and tag us. To make these photos extra spectacular you could tie your hair under your chin into what’s now known as the #BeardSeasonBob. Don’t be shy.

It’s all happening folks.

grow on...

Your beard can save lives